H2O Hackathon 2019

March 17, 2019

1st Place

Partner: Elijah Branner

Stockton 8-Hour Hack 2019

March 23, 2019

1st Place

Partner: Alisson Ross

Contact Info

Email: NathanAnthonyRoss19@gmail.com

GitHub: NathanARoss

LinkedIn: Nathan Ross


Web Apps

Wasmie is a simplified development environment designed for ease of prototyping software while using a smartphone or tablet.

Nathematica attempts to provide a simple interface for entering math equations, an easy to read step-by-step solution guide, and interactive graphs.

small-wasm-disassembler provides a JavaScript module that takes a WebAssembly binary and returns a string commenting the purpose of each byte. This tool is used to analyze the size and byte structure of WebAssembly binaries.

Flinger is a 2D physics game involving flinging a bouncy fish out of water at the same velocity as your cursor or finger.

Guessing Game is my first ever web app. Guess a random number between 1 and 100 with hints of higher or lower.

Client Apps

small-wasm-trimmer is a C Linux utility that can remove specific WebAssembly exports by name and specific sections by ID. It is designed as a preprocessor to wasm-opt.

num-to-string is a minimal implementation of a double to char[] written in C++. I wrote it with the intent to implement it in WebAssembly by hand, but I went another route for that.

I uploaded a year's worth of Java homework to GitHub for future reference.